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Introduction to Clout

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Clout is a relatively new cash back player in the game, but our initial experience using it has been extremely promising.

Before we dive deep into how works, we should highlight that right now, you can get $100 cash for signing up yourself and referring a friend.  Frankly, we have never come across a signup promotion this high, and goes to show that Clout means business, and has the technical and financial foundation to keep their members happy. To get your $100 credit, sign up here >

How Clout Works

Initially, we thought Clout worked just like Ebates’ in-store cash back, in which you connect your credit card to a specific promotion, and when your linked account shows that a purchase was made with that partner, it credits your account with your cash back.

Note: if this free money sounds too good to be true, learn more about how cash back programs work.

As we read more into Clout’s technology and offerings, it appears to be far more expansive and inclusive than Ebates in certain ways.  Currently, Ebates can only connect to a Visa or American Express Credit card.  Clout, on the other hand, offers cash back savings when you use Visa, Discover, AMEX, Mastercard, and debit cards issued from over 19,000 banks.  This wide reach caught our attention.

Many of these banks, such as Bank of America, have their own cash back promotions that are available within their online-banking dashboards.  Something like “3% off when you shop at Barnes & Noble” (you may have noticed these when paying your bill online or within your bank’s mobile app).  The problem with these promotions from a user’s side is that you have to activate them prior to spending money at that business/brand in order to receive the cash back.

Automated Cash Back Activation

Needless to say, logging in and activating any promotions you MIGHT use is tedious, and difficult to remember to do.  I know people who even have calendar reminders each month to log on and check what new partnerships have been added.

Clout solves this problem by automatically detecting which benefits you’re eligible for and activating them when you need it. Still like to “shop around” and see the actual deals? Just like Ebates and others, you can still manually activate cash back deals on the Clout dashboard.

Like most cash back programs, you can also search/activate cash back deals in the Clout dashboard.

Tailored Recommendations

Another differentiating feature of Clout is its AI-powered list of curated deals. While it automatically detects cash-back deals based on your purchases, it also begins to know and categorize what purchase categories you most often spend on. Using this, the Clout dashboard brings deals to the top that are more applicable to you. So if you tend to buy electronics, you won’t be shown cash back deals for cosmetics.

VIP Treatment

Clout claims to give “Priviledged Access” and VIP invitations based on check-ins to participating merchants.  However, we have yet to see where this can come into play, but we’ll be updated this review when we’ve given it a little more time.  Clout may have partnerships on the horizon that can deliver these benefits to its users, so we’ll be keeping an eye out.

Is Clout safe?

To get the main benefits of Clout, you’ll need to provide the login details for one or more of your Credit/Debit cards that you’d like Clout to track for savings. This private information is not stored within Clout, meaning your sensitive information is safe and secure.

Connect Clout with your account today >

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  1. I found clout to be better than the other cash back sites I’ve tried. It took longer than expected to see the cash back show up in my account, but the payouts are much higher than other sites. Also the referral payout for inviting friends is an exponential payout model. Its cool, almost like mining bitcoins in the early days.

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