How to Earn MyPoints Rewards

mypoints rewards

Mypoints is a cashback site that rewards its members for performing a number of different activities, such as shopping online, taking surveys, booking travel, reading emails, playing games, and more. Unlike some other programs, Mypoints rewards its members with “points”, which you can then redeem for gift cards, travel miles or cash via PayPal.

Just like other cash back sites like Ebates and Swagbucks, there is a toolbar plugin that you can download that will alert you when you are shopping on a site that is connected with MyPoints. The plugin will also give you a list of the available coupons for that site. This means that you will get cashback through MyPoints, as well as a discount on what you are purchasing. Of course, if you do not want to download the toolbar plugin, you’ll need to go through’s website first in order to earn points, so make sure to bookmark their shopping page.

Popup from the Mypoints toolbar plugin that let’s you easily activate your rewards

When you’re on the shopping page, you can see a breakdown of each retailer, and how many points you will get for every dollar you spend there. This number varies significantly, and is constantly changing, so it is useful to look at before making a purchase. For example, right now you would earn 3 points for every dollar you spend at Target, and 10 points for every dollar you spend at Macy’s.

Earn More MyPoints Rewards With MyGiftCardsPlus

MyPoints also recently launched a site where you can buy electronic gift cards to hundreds of well known retailers like Nike, Petco,, Bed Bath & Beyond, Airbnb, etc. When you buy gift cards through their site, they will ask you to link your MyPoints account, and you will receive cash back (in the form of points) based on a percentage of the dollar amount of the gift card you purchase. The number varies based on the gift card you buy (though it mostly seems to be in the 2%-5% range), and the more money you spend, the higher percentage you get back. is incredibly simple, and easy to use. You can search for gift cards by category, price, popularity, or by those currently under some kind of promotion. This is a great way to get even more cashback on items you plan to buy anyway, so if you get in the habit of checking for gift cards available for purchase before heading to a partner site, you can double down on the cash back you receive.

Redeeming Your MyPoints Rewards

As I mentioned earlier, you can redeem your points for gift cards, travel miles, or cash via PayPal. However, these are not all treated equal in terms of dollar value, so I’m going to break these down in a bit more detail.

redeeming mypoints rewards
Mypoints rewards are redeemable for a variety of gift cards & store credits

The minimum amount of points you will need to earn before being eligible for a PayPal gift card is 3,970, which is good for $25. Compare that to Amazon, which has a minimum redemption at 480 points (for $3), and AMC Theaters, where you only need 3,520 points to get a $25 gift card. The basic idea here is that not all rewards are equal, so you will definitely need to pay attention to what you are buying, and where your priorities lie. For me, I still opt for a PayPal gift card, even though the minimum is high and it seems to not be the best deal, because it gives me the most flexibility.

One other note: is currently only partnering with United MileagePlus to redeem points for miles, so if you do not fly United, then it probably makes sense to look into other options. They do offer a gift card for American Airlines, but if you’re going to go that route, it might still make more sense to stick with a PayPal gift card.

Is Legit?

Yes, but you will have to do your homework, and keep tabs of ongoing deals, if you are serious about maximizing your earning potential.

Start earning rewards with My Points

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