List of Sites to Buy Discounted Gift Cards

gift card exchange website list

Buying discounted gift cards online is one of the quickest and most straight-forward ways to saving money when you shop. In recent years, there have been more and more gift card exchanges pop up, each offering different deals and promotions.

Buying used or discounted gift cards is most effective when you know exactly what stores you visit often, or have a big purchase coming up. Many of the following sites also offer electronic gift cards, meaning you can buy them and immediately use the code to save up to 30% on an online purchase. Here’s the full list of gift card sites:


Raise has an easy to use app so you can buy electronic gift cards wherever you are. They also offer a 1 Year Money-Back Guarantee on gift card purchases in cases of fraud.

Gift card Zen

Giftcard Zen

Giftcard Zen has partnered with a large number of retailers, so their gift card options are extensive. They also give you the option to trade one gift card for another.

Card Pool

Card Pool

Cardpool has partnered with a number of stores, so just type in your zip code on, and you’ll see all the locations in your area where you can use a kiosk or work with a cashier to trade in your gift cards.


Giftcards com has an extensive selection of gift cards that you can purchase at cost, as well as gift cards that are available at a discount. They offer eGift cards, plastic gift cards, corporate cards, and Visa gift cards.


giftcard spread


This site is very simple, and pretty similar to other options out there. They do not offer the ability to trade your gift card in for another, but they do give you an additional 3% discount for bulk purchases.


giftcard granny


Through their Granny Rewards program, the more gift cards you purchase, the closer you get towards earning enough points for free gift cards. Just signing up for their program gets you 20% of the way there.


giftcard bin


This site is definitely not pretty, but they do offer free shipping and no tax on all orders placed through their site. Like Cardpool, they have also partnered with a number of physical locations where you can trade in your gift cards for cash.


card cash


Cardcash gives you the option to buy new and discounted gift cards, sell your gift cards for cash, or trade your gift card for another to get up to 11% more value. They also have apps for iPhone and Android phones.

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