What is Ebates and How Does It Work?

Ebates is becoming extremely popular as a way to save money in a world where everyone shops online. It’s easy to get started, but you probably want to know a little more detail about how Ebates works. Well, ask and you shall receive!
what is e bates?


What is Ebates

Ebates is a completely free, easy-to-use online tool that pays you a small percentage of whatever you buy online, assuming it’s from one of the thousands of companies they partner with. It’s one of the many online rebates and cash back sites that essentially reward you for clicking one of their links before purchasing from your favorite online brands.

How does Ebates work?

How can Ebates simply give me money based on what I buy from other companies? Well, they utilize what’s called affiliate marketing, meaning a company (Target, for example) will pay Ebates a commission for every customer they send to Target’s website that makes a purchase. Now, other affiliates would simply take that entire commission, but Ebates has grown in size and popularity because they split their commission with you, the user, in the form of cash back.

Example: Say you want to buy a pair of Nike shoes that cost $100. Using the Ebates toolbar button or Ebates.com website, you can see if Nike is a partner (they are). To thank Ebates for sending you to their site, Nike will pay them 20% of whatever you buy. Ebates then splits that money with you! So Ebates would receive $20 for sending you to Nike’s website, you’ll get $10 (half) of that as cash back a short while later, be it by check or Paypal. It’s a win-win for everyone involved. 

How to use Ebates

Signing up for Ebates takes just a few seconds, and you can be as “hands-on” as you want when searching for deals. That means you can search through the Ebates listings on their website to view all of their promotions, or if you install their toolbar plugin, a small popup will appear when you reach a site that gives cash back!

ebates popup button
An Ebates popup in action. Simply activate the button, and continue on your shopping trip!

What we like about Ebates is the frequent double cash back opportunities that seem to happen almost every month or so. You’ll often see up to 20% cash back on top brands, and that’s on top of any coupons, discounts, or sales the retailer is offering. It’s one of the easiest ways to consistently save money on online purchases.

Pro-tip: It takes a little discipline, but if you want to step your cash-saving up a notch, use a combination electronic gift cards, Ebates, and promo code searches to pay as little as 50-60% of the original online price.

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